The simple kitchen – cooking equipment

Simplifying your life doesn’t generally happen all at once. Most of us do it over a period of time, and often in fits and starts. The simplifying of my kitchen is one of those areas. You buy a piece of kitchen equipment, thinking you’ll use it, and then you find you don’t. Gritting your teeth and parting with it can… Read more »

Culinary pleasures

vinegar thumb

I enjoy cooking, but there are several things I like doing more than others. Soups is one, slow cooking is another, and making preserves is the third. When we first moved to France, nearly 20 years ago, I’d make 100 jars of preserves a year, mainly jams, but now I keep it down to about 50 – just enough for… Read more »

The decluttering continues

Well, my decluttering continues apace. Having been held up briefly by the gorgeous reference books in my fashion bookcase, things proved much easier in the kitchen and I now have 36 cookbooks boxed up, ready to go on the vide-grenier stall for the local horse sanctuary. Ornaments are flying off the shelves thick and fast as well, mainly courtesy of… Read more »